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interested in becoming a resident of the lazarus community?

When you are here, you are considered a beloved member of our congregation and community whether you are a volunteer, a neighbor, a participant in one of our events, or just passing through.  Some people, however, may feel called to live in deeper community with their neighbors by becoming one of our residents.  People we call "Paraclete Residents" are people of faith who sense a call to live in a community of service committed to spiritual practice and radical hospitality.  Paraclete residents can be of any spiritual background as long as they are willing to commit to our Rule of Life and community covenants.  Please fill out this form to inquire about becoming a resident.  You can get a feel for our community by volunteering on one of our workdays or coming to Wednesdays evening Lectio Yoga. We will begin taking applications for "Acolyte Residents," or those coming out of homelessness, in late summer of 2022.

Lazarus Community Paraclete Rule of Life 


Our Rule of Life 

(Adapted from the Missional Wisdom Foundation Rule of Life)



  • We will pray daily using a variety of forms of prayer including lectio divina, spoken prayer, corporate prayer, examen, intercession, journaling, meditation, and contemplation 

  • We will engage in a fast of our choice once per week such as fasting from food, a single meal, social media, television, or habits that interfere with our relationship to God and others 


  • We will practice a contemplative stance in order to be present to God, the world, and ourselves

  • We will be hospitable to our neighbors in our families, neighborhoods and workplaces

  • We will be hospitable to our faith community through participation in our worship, fellowship and mission 


  • We will honor and care for the gift of the earth and its resources, practicing ecologically responsible living, striving for simplicity rather than excessive consumption

  • We will practice generosity in sharing our material resources, including money, within and beyond this community

  • We will use our spiritual gifts, talents and abilities to serve God within and beyond this community


  • We will serve God and neighbor out of gratitude for the love of God

  • We will practice mutual accountability within the Lazarus Community

  • We will practice regular Sabbath as a means of renewal so that we can lovingly serve God and neighbor


  • We will practice reconciliation and relationship building with all marginalized groups in our community

  • We will resist evil and injustice

  • We will pursue peace with justice

  • We will share the redeeming, healing, creative love of God in word, deed and presence as an invitation to others to experience the transforming love of God

I commit to this rule of life and to the well-being of this community, out of gratitude to God who forgives, heals, and makes all things new. May my life be a blessing within and beyond God’s church, for the transformation of the world.