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interested in becoming a resident of the lazarus community?

The Lazarus Community is currently accepting three types of residents:

  • Acolyte members are transitional members of the community seeking a new way of life.  After completing a program of recovery and discipline, they carry the light of Christ into the world as they obtain housing outside of the community or commit to becoming a long-term paraclete member of the community. *Acolyte members will also need to sign a release with CREOKS or another organization providing case management to share certain information with the Lazarus Community. 

  •  Paraclete members are spiritually mature people of faith with a history of long-time involvement in a faith community.  They serve as leaders in the community and as an example of living in a covenant community committed to faith, service, discipline, and mutual support. Must have one year of continuous sobriety.

  • Peer Group Supervisor/Resident Advisors are Paraclete members who take on a leadership role in exchange for their room and board in the community. 




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