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Who we are

 The Lazarus Community is a partnership between the Lazarus Intentional Christian Community, Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, and other individuals and agencies to bring new life people, places, and systems.  We do this by gathering in community, growing together in faith, and giving to those in need.

We gather as an intentional community, a congregation, and a network of volunteers to break bread together and serve our community. 

We grow together by practicing spiritual disciplines such as weekly worship, lectio divina, and yoga.  We honor the legacy of the early Christian Church and monastic tradition while also honoring the ways in which other traditions see the divine.  

We give to those in need through our emergency food kits for our unhoused neighbors, our food pantry, our mobile food truck café, our community garden, our TU2 tiny homes, and our on-site community of people following a monastic-inspired rule of life. 

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5808 NW 23rd St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Tel:  405-942-0930 

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